The digital ecosystem, a gold
mine for predict citizen concerns.

We are at a global time when citizens are increasingly estranged from political leaders. They lack credibility and citizens are dissatisfied with the functioning of their democracies.

A national political party hires Naveler to anticipate results that would be the main social concerns in the elections in one of the most important regions of the country.

Offer in real time to the communication and strategy team of the party in question what was the evolution of citizen concerns in the face of the 14F elections.

Naveler, through his algorithm for anticipating trends in citizen concerns, was able to detect that a security crisis was going to occur in the city of Barcelona due to the arrest of rapper Pablo Hasél.

Why Naveler?
Naveler is the exclusive Big Data and Artificial Intelligence platform to anticipate citizen concerns and develop action protocols in real time for political parties, organizations and governments.