Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for political micro-segmentation


Social realities are as diverse as the people who represent them. Companies are aware of this scenario, and have long used micro-segmentation at the lowest level to be able to offer customers customized products that meet their needs and adapt to their needs. An example of this is something as basic as the offers that come by email, the advertising that appears when we browse on Internet… But micro-segmentation is not only important in the field of marketing: in politics, knowing what street people want and need is what will make the difference.

In an election campaign, or in a government action, applying the logics of segmentation in both the message and the design of public strategies and policies is paramount to gaining greater knowledge of society. Segmentation means adapting the message or action street by street, depending on the specific social needs and cares. Down to the level of the citizen to find out what he wants and what concerns him. In this process, the application of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data becomes undisputed. More so at a time of the rise of data and continuous information creation, a great capacity for data relocation, extraction and analysis becomes an easier job to understand social reality in detail. With all these procedures, carried out with the best specialists in the analysis and political strategy, Naveler’s exclusive technology puts on your hand the most relevant information for this process as necessary as micro-segmentation.

The analysis algorithms based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence developed by Naveler let you know what happens street to street, neighborhood to neighborhood, to the smallest levels. In this way, strategies and divisions will be a certain that they have been taken knowing the social reality in order, after all, to connect the citizen to politics through real knowledge of their demands. Naveler is the ultimate tool for segmentation.

In an era of change and volatile reality, Naveler lets you know what people want, what concerns him and what concerns he has. Undoubtedly, in a momentum of disaffection and mistrust, Naveler is the tool of connection between society and politics.