Naveler is a platform that uses a Big Data and Artificial Intelligence self-technology to collect, comprehend and analyze in real time how public opinion works through a desktop version and a mobile app.

Without getting overly technical or abstract definitions, Big Data is the development of information technology for the treatment of massive data. This is the simultaneous categorization of thousands and millions of data, which offers results of specific interest to each user.

Artificial Intelligence includes the development of computer technology that simulates human rationality applied to data interpretation. In this case, previously collected by Big Data.

Naveler collects permanently and in real time, all the media and digital impacts related to your brand, a topic of social relevance or even a territorial. It filters all data and finally categorizes the most relevant information in order to show it in a visual and intelligible format.

Naveler monitors permanently and in real time a large amount of social networks and the most important digital communication media, opinion blogs and web pages all over the world.

Any other digital communication media, opinion blog or web page that is necessary to motorize but it is not included in the Naveler’s data base, can be added on client request in order to improve the motorization and the results analytics.

Naveler has been specially designed for three different types of public.

Firstly, for governments and public administrations. It is now of paramount importance to analyze everything that is said about a government or political institution with the aim of carrying out strategic reputation management.

Secondly, for political parties and candidates as well as 
government positions that require the latest technology in Big Data that allows them to make campaign decisions, proposals and public policies with a greater scientific basis.

Thirdly, for those in the private sector aiming to know how public opinion and politics works.  


Beyond the previously exposed audiences, Naveler is conceived as an advanced solution for a multitude of cross-cutting situations and needs. We detail below a series of them in which Naveler can be of your help or solution:

  1. To know and being informed about what is being said about your brand.
  2. To know and being informed about what is being said about your rivals or any other third brand.
  3. To know and being informed about what is being said about and issue or a market of your interest.
  4. Also to detect opportunities to grow up, to influence or to reposicionate.
  5. To prevent, avoid or manage crisis in short time.

All of that with completed analytics about online hot news, with results in real time and concentrated and categorized in your smartphone

Naveler offers you 3 type of interactive graphics:

  1. Brand Management: Shows the frequency and the impact of your brand interactions distributed along a time axis. Not only alone but also in a comparative perspective with other brands.
  2. Real time analysis: Shows the mentions received ordered from the highest to the lowest relevance and public influence, in real time.
  3. Tag Cloud: Shows the public opinion trends and social worries related to your brand and informs about the mentions associated to each concept.

Naveler offers a range of filter and search segmentation possibilities to achieve the most specific and interesting results for each client:

  1. Different concepts to monitor the same brand.
  2. Ability to specify multiple concepts related to our brand that can help to differentiate it from other similar.
  3. Ability to indicate that noisy concepts you do not want to monitor to prevent infoxicate our results.
  4. Ability to geotag the geographic area of interest.
  5. Possibility of limiting the types of sources and users by the level of influence, impact and / or number of followers.
  6. Ability to segment our search for channels, platforms or social networks.
  7. Ability to segment results by time interval.
  8. Ability to segment results by level of engagement.

Naveler monitors all the impacts about any brand in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Catalan and Portuguese.

For more details, do not hesitate to contact us.

Yes. The only limitation is the language of your interest.

Naveler is compatible with any computer or laptop and is available for iOS and Android, so it can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play.

We invite you to contact and explain us which specific needs you have. We will design a monitoring proposal and a brand analysis for your case.

Bills will be sent by email to the email address specified by each client.

PayPal, direct debit or transfer.