Naveler (relevaNt) is the first Big Data app focused on Politics.

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Naveler summarises everything that is said about of your interest in the web and categorizes it by relevance, influence and virality.

From your smartphone and in real time.

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What is Naveler?

It is an essential tool for any actor who wants to interact successfully, in the 21st century, in the political and institutional sphere.

Understand (executive summary)
Compare (graphics)
Detect what they say (mentions)
Identify who says it (influencers)
Group what they say (tags)


Executive summary


Compare on real time and 24/7 the evolution of the impact of the selected brands.

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Detect what they say

Detect the impacts generated on the internet. Avoid continually checking the media, video platforms, social networks, web pages, opinion forums…

Identify who says it

Identify which actors / brands generate the most relevance. Who favors you the most? Who excites your audience? Who favors your rivals?

Group what they say

Identify what concepts are associated with your brand. What opportunities could you take advantage of?

How does it work?

Naveler captures all the impact your brand generates + the brands of your interest in the internet and shows the results in an ordered way according to their relevance. It weighs qualitative and quantitative aspects:


How much people gets some specific content.


How fast is the mention spreading?


How much debate is generated around these mentions.

What is Naveler for?

Naveler transforms data into information.

Synthesis of all the political activity and media news of your interest

Eliminante noise and infoxication (excess of information)

Simplification between when you have to worry and when you do not need to pay attention

Instant notifications: what, who, when and in what channel

24/7 comprehension of how you are perceived

Permanent comparison with the rest of the brands of your interest

Specification of who are the key opinion generators

Automatic warning of opportunities to be able to take advantage of

Intelligence adapted to each case to lead the public agenda

Instant detection of fake news to prevent its expansion

Meet our board

Juan Soler

PhD in AI, focusing on NLP. Teacher on University. International assessor.

Santi Camps

Technological entrepreneur Computer engineer. Best thesis award. Serial successful entrepreneur.

Joan Roselló

Political consultant. Analyst and political strategist. University professor. International consultant

Pepe Barca

Investor specialized in telecommunications. Silent partner. Experience in the field of telecommunications.


Start to lead the public agenda with Naveler

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– Additional brand

– Pack 5 additional brands

– Intelligence reports on demand

– Pro Advanced Advisor:

  • Political consultant
  • Research and client study
  • Permanent analysis of the news
  • Strategic recommendations for action