Naveler, present in the key electoral processes of LATAM


The Covid-19 pandemic has been a turning point for everything, and globally. The paralysis of the world has led to difficult situations for all countries, both economically, socially, and also politically. Decision-makers have been, more than ever, under the magnifying glass of public examination at an unpublished time when politics had no reference to how to act. In this context, Latin America faces one of the most crucial electoral periods in recent history.

Incoming executives and legislatures in the next elections will have to face a deep and long economic and social recovery. And to do this, to get to know the social cares to the fullest, through the analysis of millions of micro-data in real time, Naveler is the essential ally.

In Costa Rica and Colombia they are aware of this reality and the importance of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as sources of political strategy and decision-making. The Latin American countries will elect its president and the representatives of the Legislative. Naveler will be present in those countries, working to create Political Intelligence through data analysis and the latest algorithms in Artificial Intelligence. Naveler will be the key tool for candidates from both countries, as well as governments, businesses and large organizations to create strategies that will have behind them the endorsement of trillions of publicly relevant data; that is, Naveler will allow in these countries to make decisions that separate the social majority, based on the analysis of reality in real time.

The information That Naveler provides is key. Both for large countries like Colombia as well as for countries such as Costa Rica, smaller and with a weak implementation of Big Data in the political field. In the first country, because the existence of such diverse and complex social realities makes it easy for Naveler to extract that important information between so much noise through Artificial Intelligence. In Costa Rica, because it will be more profitable than anywhere else to analyze the realities and social cares to turn them into decisions and strategies in line with Costa Rican society, taking into account the dimensions of the country and the structure of the data.

Thus, in a context of maximum volatility of public opinion and realities changing, without references that help to make the best decisions, Naveler is going to be the ideal tool. Govern with the certainty of having at the reach of your hand,  in real time and with the immediacy of data, knowledge of everything that citizens want and need.