Naveler, the definitive tool for the politics of the future


Most of the data that exists in the world has been created in two years. Specifically, 90% of all available information has seen the light within that short period of time. This fact only confirms a reality: in the meantime, it is more important than ever to know how to take advantage of what can be useful and, on the contrary, banish the information that clouds and takes away the objectives. Even more crucial in politics.

That’s why, in the age of technology and information, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence become essential tools on this path. And Naveler has arrived to be the best ally. Naveler is Big Data for Political Intelligence. In the midst of that sea of information, Naveler detects, collects, processes and extracts millions of aggregated data. This data, with a strong public, socio-economic and electoral interest, goes through exhaustive verification, purification and cleaning processes to detect what is truly relevant and what should be set aside. All this, prior to an analysis through unique algorithms that will allow to understand the information, perceptions and concerns of society, as well as predict trends and behaviors through descriptive and predictive analyses. In short, a gold mine for any candidate, government or institution that wants to look like who it represents.

Naveler’s goal is nothing more than to be a tool to improve and strengthen democracy. Politics and the public sector are not used to harnessing the full potential of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to carry out their plans and make decisions based on the in-detail analysis of social reality. Never before in politics has strategies been carried out with the certainty that the decisions made are based on the billions of data that are created. Decisions that, at Naveler’s hand, will be endoged to be based on a faithful reflection of society in real time.Naveler is, in short, the tool for the politics of the future. In an increasingly individualized society, it becomes essential to know what is going on, what is thought, what is discussed and what society wants street by street.

Naveler helps world-leading governments, candidates, companies and organizations gain a deep understanding of reality. Through massive data analysis, artificial intelligence, and political consulting, Naveler will enable strategies and action plans to be carried out with a knowledge of the society that has never been reached before. Naveler is Big Data for Political Intelligence.